Riding Transit in Colorado This August Has Rewards

The Zero Fare August trip tracker is a rewarding program that lets you earn raffle entries while you enjoy all of the benefits of public transportation. The more often you choose public transit this month, the more raffle tickets you earn: 1 ticket for each day that you ride transit in August! Anyone in Colorado can use the tracker, and we encourage you to take advantage of Zero Fare August if your local agency is participating.

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Track your transit trips and enjoy the many benefits of public transportation. The Zero Fare trip tracker provides individuals with: miles traveled, CO2 saved, and gas money saved based on your car’s gas mileage. Not only will you help improve the health of the environment, you will also save on fuel costs and feel great!

Grand Totals

Active Members Days of Activity Number of Trips Miles Tons of CO2 Saved Average Total MPG Gas Saved **
25 28 99 2519.8 2.33 24.33 MPG $471.02

Leaderboard (Top 5 performers)

Name Home Agency Number Of Trips Miles CO2 Saved Vehicle's MPG Gas Saved **
Karol Szczubelek buss/train 16 492.8 455.59 lbs 20 MPG $111.87
Eliot Tipton RTD 15 410 379.05 lbs 22 MPG $84.61
Angel Bond RTD 12 314.6 290.85 lbs 51 MPG $28.01
Gage Van Natta RTD 6 240 221.88 lbs 30 MPG $36.32
michael schuch Poudre Express 5 180 166.41 lbs 20 MPG $40.86

** Based on $4.54/Gal Average and user's specific vehicle average MPG in Colorado as of 7/27/2022